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International Railway
Connecting Rail Tracks from Europe to China with Aeropost Logistics!

Aeropost offer specialized cargo delivery services through safer Rail Routes with Europe Asia Land Bridge. Being one of the leading companies in the industry, we have carried out many successful shipments via our wide rail channel starting from Lianyungang/Qingdao seaports, across from China to Central Asia, terminating at Hamburg and other European ports. Linking to the many routes between Europe to China, it passes through 17 countries and regions.

Our years of experience in the industry and skilled mechanism enables our experts to thoroughly understand the needs of the client. The multimodal transportation route crosses through more than 80 stations in 5 countries. Whether, your cargo is carrying automotive parts and components, clothing cargo, electronic equipments, heavy goods, spare parts, accessories, and any other unit of shipping; our fast and reliable International Railway services will supply all your goods at the required destination and timely.

Our Rail Freight Services :

  • Wide Rail network through Europe to China
  • Regular Containers of huge capacity for different cargo requirements
  • All the cargos are evenly distributed between uneven cargo running timings
  • Multiple rail track services in accordance to different time zones
  • Systematic process for handling transport coordination and operations
  • Responsible for Train Marketing process in the industry
  • Accurate and consistent documentation to standardize legal formalities
  • Compiling journey and electronic data intercharge
  • Safe and systematic procedures at border crossings with updated transport information
  • Rail transportation for consolidating volumes and optimizing terminal-to-terminal transports
  • Flexible and auxiliary routing choices to cater to individual client’s requirements


Our global presence and major rail networks in the industry has been serving our clients with safe and reliable Rail Freight Services throughout Europe to China. Call our experts today and send your cargo via the lines of rail freight with Aeropost Logistics!